Our Lady & St. Werburgh's Catholic Primary School

Fiat Voluntas Dei - May God's will be done

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Our Lady & St Werburgh’s Catholic Primary School is a co-educational day school administered by the Diocesan Schools’ Commission and by the Local Education Authority.  It caters for the children between the ages of 3+ to 11 years and serves the Clayton area of Newcastle.  The number on roll is at present 235.  

The school was officially opened in 1967, having been built by the Catholic Community without Government grant to cater for children of the Clayton Parish.  The children are mainly from Catholic families in the Parish, non Catholic parents who wish their children to have a Christian education are admitted at the discretion of the Governors, subject to our admissions criteria.

Admission to the school is controlled by the Governors.  Parents moving into the area or considering sending their children to the school are invited during the term before the child is admitted to visit the child’s future classroom, and meet the staff as part of our induction programme.

The school comprises of eight classrooms, one for each year group, plus a new three year old part-time Nursery class.  Pupils currently enter the main school in the term after they reach the age of four.   Pupils aged 5 – 7 years are taught in Key Stage 1 and pupils aged  7 – 11 years are taught in Key Stage 2.