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Our Live Simply Award Journey


We signed up to the CAFOD Live Simply award, where we will be responding to Pope Francis' invitation to

 “work with generosity and tenderness in protecting this world which God has entrusted to us”.

The Live Simply award is earned by schools who can show how they have been living simply, in solidarity with people in poverty, and sustainably with creation. This also provides opportunities for links to Catholic Social Teaching. 

Throughout the year, we shall be taking part in a number of fund raising events for both global and national charities, investigating how we can support our local community and contribute to making our local community a better place to live and looking at how we can help God's Creation throughout our school. 

We began our Live Simply Award journey by working with Better Together to grow produce in our school garden. Our Year 6 children have been learning about how to prepare the soil for seeds, looking at bee's nests and how to sow a variety of seeds. They will continue to nurture their seeds as we move into spring and summer. 

On Wednesday 29th March, the whole school participated in The Big Lent Walk, raising money for CAFOD. The children walked around the school grounds, each class completing a number of laps. To raise awareness of people in our world have carry water into their homes and the water shortage in some countries, the children carried buckets of recycled water gathered from our school garden water butts and the rain from earlier in the day. This water was then poured back into the our school flower beds and garden. No water was wasted!

Our Mini Vinnies helped to organise this fundraiser and  supported the younger children in their walk.

We raised an unbelievable amount of money for CAFOD: £2191.66! We are truly thankful to all our families who helped to make this fundraiser so successful.