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Extra-Curricular Activities


Gardening Club - @ The School Garden ,Thursdays, 3:15-4:15


A new season and we are welcoming eight new members to gardening club after sadly saying goodbye to our Year Six team from 2015. It is Autumn- harvest time, and what a lot of goodies we have grown! Keep an eye out for us on the infant playground where we shall be offering samples of our crops in exchange for a contribution towards buying new seeds and equipment. This is important to us this year as the Morrisons voucher scheme has ended which was our only means of purchasing the equipment we needed. However, some of our produce will go to the school kitchen and be made into some tasty treats for children who have school dinners.


A HUGE thanks to Mrs Higgins and Mrs Simmons, our devoted garden fairies and new recruit Mr Stockton. They have been helping out with the garden for many years and can often be found watering in the sweltering summer months when we are not in school. We could not do gardening club without them! 




Well it's spring and we're about to get back into the garden (as long as the weather stays nice). This week two of our old members and two of our new members went to the Eco Community Forum at Keele Universities Sustainability Hub. We learnt about Bee Keeping, planting and how places such as Tesco can help us to develop our learning and gardening.

Here are some photos from the day.



And we're back!

Finally some weather we can garden. There is no denying it - we are fair weather  gardeners and so far the weather has been far too miserable and cold for us.

However, today was great and we started back with a vengeance! 

We sowed seeds including: rainbow carrots, beetroot, salad leaves, beans and potatoes.

We built the frames for the beans to climb (see pictures below) and gave everything a really good tidy up.  A great start to the new season.


Today Gardening Club became AWARD WINNING!

Two of our members attended the Newcastle in Bloom, 25th Anniversary, Award Ceremony at the New Vic theatre on Saturday. Here they received a Silver Award on behalf of the club in the Community Project - Schools Competition. We are very proud of this achievement in our first ever competition. We were also proud of the nomination we received for 'Outstanding Achievement' and even though we didn't win this category we were very grateful of the recognition. Well done everyone who has helped us to achieve these awards, past and present. Thank you. 



This week was our second week back into gardening club and we have 8 new members. Today was all about the harvest and we were amazed at our bumper crops. In fact we have so much we will be selling some on the playground to help raise money for next years seeds. We are most impressed with our potatoes grown in the new allotment patch as they are MASSIVE! We also have a squash, runner beans, dwarf beans, chard and lots of apples (we are going to try and twist Layla's arm to make us apple crumble). At the end of gardening club, our newest members showed their parents around and we all took home some food for tea!

Our garden is even becoming well known in the community as Mrs Lockley showed some visitors from St. Theresa's around at lunch time. They want to start their own club and needed some inspiration, they asked lots of questions and took away some of our great ideas.  


Today we found a huge caterpillar eating its way through our lettuces. We watered all the beds (and maybe got ourselves a little wet and dirty too). We planted Red and White cabbages in the raised beds and in the planters near the top of school we planted some bulbs that will appear in the springtime.  Isaac filled in the diary today.

CLUB BLOG 2014-2015



Today we missed the Year 5 members as they are off having fun at Standon Bowers. However, Year 6 and little Louis did an amazing job  without them. This afternoon we managed to dig over the allotment patch again and plant some more rows of potatoes, we built wigwams for runner beans to grow up and then planted the beans, we dug over another bed for more potatoes (we like potatoes!) we have watered and swept and given the shed a tidy, we have even dug up the daffodil bulbs and laid them to dry in the green house ready to plant in the autumn. Believe it or not we found some crafty little radishes hiding, so we got to take some home for tea. 

Needless to say, we went home shattered and filthy again! 


Today we worked hard to dig the holes and plant three trees as the beginning of our memory garden. The ornamental cherry trees will grow to be rather big and hopefully last a very long time so we had to make sure they were well taken care of in the early stages of planting. 


We had a huge surprise today as a very special resident has moved into the garden... meet our new scarecrow!

We have been so busy there is always a job for everyone. Quote of the day from Isaac "I love gardening club because we don't all have to do the same thing, there are lots of jobs to choose"

Here are some of the things we got up to today (including three inspectors - can you spot them?)

18& 25/6/2015

The last two weeks have been full of preparation for the judges of Newcastle in Bloom. We have been planting the new beds, making all our borders neat and tidy and have been around the rest of the school site planting and weeding boxes. Its been hard work but we think we are at our best and ready to wow the judges. 


Harvesting some crops! We all took home some onions, garlic and lettuce (I don't think the strawberries made it out of the garden).

Summer Picnic

Its the end of the year and I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has helped gardening club this year. It has been a really enjoyable year with lots of success.

Well done!