Our Lady & St. Werburgh's Catholic Primary School

Fiat Voluntas Dei - May God's will be done

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For our class liturgy this week, Year Five made a cross and placed a leaf onto each side to show balance in our lives. The children shared experiences of how God has restored balance in their lives. 

For PE this term we are learning a new dance routine taught by Miss Nic from Shine Academy in Newcastle.

Year Five will be performing their dance to parents on Thursday 7th December at 2:30pm. 

In RE Year Five worked in groups to write down and draw all the miracles they could remember that Jesus performed. 

 During our art lesson we were exploring tints and shades. We learned that they are created by adding white (for tints) or black (for shades) to a base colour. 

                                                                                                         Year Five Remembrance Day Liturgy 


Today in Year Five children have used pliers and wire cutters to cut and bend the wire into petal shapes.  Once the petal shapes were ready we then twisted the excess wire into the stem and we were then ready to add tissue paper. We laid the wire petal on top of a piece of tissue paper and then surrounded it with a layer of PVA glue. We had to be careful not to add too much. We then placed another piece of tissue paper on top, making a petal sandwich. We then had to wait patiently for our petals to dry. When the glue had dried, we cut off the excess tissue paper with scissors.


                                                                                                                                                       Year Five Standon Bowers 8th-10th April 2024