Our Lady & St. Werburgh's Catholic Primary School

Fiat Voluntas Dei - May God's will be done

Seabridge Lane, Clayton, Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire, ST5 4AG

(01782) 973 888



If you would like your child to attend either the Nursery or the main school please use the documents below to help guide you:



Our school has a small Nursery of 18 full-time children attending for 30 hours a week. Parents who are not eligible for the full 30 hours of DFE funded care and might only receive 15 hours a week are able to 'top-up' their children's Nursery attendance with child care vouchers or through a payment arrangement.  For more information, please contact the school office.

Please read the Nursery Admissions Criteria as outlined in the policy below: 

Nursery Policy 2022- 23

Nursery Admission Letter 2022


Please use the Application Form below to apply for a Nursery place:

Application for Admission to Nursery School Form September 2022



The Reception class is the first year group in the main school and as such has a different admissions application.  As we are a very popular school, please use the Admissions Policy to help. Our current policy for admission to the school can be found below:

Our Lady and St Werburgh's CTKCC Primary Admission Policy 2022-23

You are very welcome to contact the school to arrange a time when you can visit and discuss the applications process.

All applications for the school go through Staffordshire's Admissions Website, the link for which is below:


The application window to apply for a Reception place has now closed. Parents will be offered their Reception place on Monday 18th April.

Admissions 2023- 2024

For parents considering sending your child to our school in the academic year 2023- 2024, please see our Admissions Policy for 2023- 2024 below:

Our Lady and St Werburgh's CTKCC Primary Admission Policy 2023- 2024



Should you feel that the wrong decision has been made about an admission to our Reception class, or in-year transfers following an application to our school, you have the right to appeal. Our Appeals' Timetable can be found by clicking the link below:

Appeals' Timetable 2022

For further information on the appeals process, please follow the link to Staffordshire County Council's Admissions website: