Our Lady & St. Werburgh's Catholic Primary School

Fiat Voluntas Dei - May God's will be done

Seabridge Lane, Clayton, Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire, ST5 4AG

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Catholic Life in Reception


To begin our Catholic Life in our new school, we celebrated the Nativity of one of the patron saints of our school, St Mary. We learnt about why Mary is important to us. To celebrate her Nativity, we made rice krispie cakes and held a mini birthday party. We had lots of fun!

This week, we held our first class liturgy, we learnt how to set up our prayer area. We then learnt about our class saint St Francis of Assisi and began to learn the hymn based upon the prayer of  St Francis, Make me a channel of your peace. 

To celebrate our class saint, St Francis of Assisi, we held our first Stay and Pray with our parents. We accessed a range of activities based around St Francis and his message. Activities included to rebuild a church for St Francis, decorate a St Francis wooden doll, make a earth to promote peace with our hand print and a love heart on and making autumn suncatchers. We all thoroughly enjoyed spending time with our families in our classroom. 

We have been learning about the Old Testament. We have been learning the story of Noah and the Ark and how Noah followed God, listening to what God said and told him what to do. Using our Noah's Ark role play, we have been acting out the story and singing Who built the Ark? whilst we were role playing. 

Yohan was baptised in India. We asked Yohan's mum, Linsu to come into school to tell us about the differences between baptism in India and here in the United Kingdom. We asked some questions: Why is Yohan not wearing any clothes? What is the water poured over Yohan's head in? Why is Yohan wearing a crown? 

We have been learning lots of songs about Jesus. Our favourite songs are Who built the Ark? and Shine. Here we are listening to, singing and dancing to the songs. 

Holy Week: we role played the events of Palm Sunday waving palm branches and saying Hosanna! 

As part of our People who help us unit of work, we interviewed our parish priest Father Anton, to find out what he did. We thought of our own questions then we visited our hurch to interview him.