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School Closure Work


rnield.olsw@ctkcc.co.uk  Teacher can be contacted during school hours and will respond within 24hours. We will notify you of who to contact in the event of the class teacher being ill. 

Teachers are available to set work and discuss any questions you have regarding work set. 


A message from Mrs Nield w/c Monday 30th March 2020

Good Morning to my Nursery class!

I hope you have had a great weekend? I am thinking of you every day and I hope you are well. Please have a look at the section of this page 'Other areas of learning'. The file called 'Areas of learning ideas' posted there is full of activities for you to do at home as well as the Home Learning Challenges stuck into your Homework Books.

This afternoon I am going to use up my ripe bananas by making banana bread & banana muffins with my children at home - yummy! Perhaps you have fruit or other fresh food that needs using up that you can bake with? I'd love to hear about any recipes you have tried! If you let me know when you need more activity ideas I will add to the file!

Try to keep to a routine like we had when you were at Nursery. If you can, get up at the same time as you would for school, eat breakfast, lunch and tea. Although the weather has turned a little chillier if you wrap up warm you can still use your gardens to help you with your learning activities eg use chalks to colour bricks or the fence & make a pattern (ask your grown up where you are allowed to colour first!!), draw a map of your garden, practise your finger rhymes with more space - jumping up when you blast off at 0, write numbers or draw shapes in sand/soil etc. Please remember to wash your hands really well lots throughout the day, using soap and warm water. I hope you have shown your grown ups how we wash our hands at Nursery (doing the soap conga or singing Happy Birthdayx2!!)?

There is an excellent PE slot by Joe Wicks at 9am daily on Youtube. I have been looking at the Jump Start Jonny page on Youtube too, this has music to dance along to so you might find this more to your taste! I think I will join in with them on different days to make my PE activity varied and so if you do, remember we are doing the same thing! Remember kind hands, kind feet, kind words and kind thoughts don’t just stay at Nursery. Your parents / carers need you to use your manners & help them too!

An activity I would like to ask you all to try to do is to draw or paint / colour a rainbow and put it up in your window to show our support for all the doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals. I will be doing this at home too! This is something you could do outside on a wall of your house or outside your front door with chalks if your grown up agrees!  

Thank you to those of you who have emailed me photos of your learning activities. Please keep sending photos or videos of your activities as I love to see them - and you!

Mrs Nield


Daily practise

Writing your name forming the letters whilst saying the rhymes we have learnt for writing each letter (formation sheets are contained in the English (Literacy, Phonics, Communication & Language) section). You could try to write words to tell me about the pictures you are sending me too. Remember to sound out the words starting from the sound at the start & working through the words - I'm sure your grown up will help you with this!

Counting from 0 as far as you can. Can you count further each day with your grown up’s help? Try counting backwards too. The song we sing at Nursery to help with this is in the More Nursery songs file below. Because you have more space at home than we had when we were on the mat at Nursery you could jump up when you get back to 0 (please remember kind hands & feet though!). 

Finger rhymes and songs we sang in Nursery eg The Hello & Days of the week songs (words & actions can be found in the Nursery songs file below)

Our daily prayers (contained in Other Areas of Learning section)




Username: m4s-home-pe

Password: ministry4


Home learning- Useful websites. 


www.phonicsplay.co.uk      free access       username: march20       pasword: home





If you wish to extend your child’s learning, we have a list of some websites we would recommend that offer free home-learning packs for parents. 

In Twinkl’s case, they are offering a month of free “ultimate” membership to parents educating from home, which would allow you to download thousands of resources, ranging from handwriting, spelling, reading, maths, topic and much more  - enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS


English (Literacy, Phonics, Communication & Language) Activities: 

www.youtube     mr thorne does phonics         (with Geraldine the giraffe)

 Letter Formation Alphabet Handwriting Sheet.docDownload
 RWI mnemonics.jpgDownload
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Maths Activities:

 Five Little Ducks Nursery Rhyme.pdfDownload
 Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer Nursery Rhyme.pdfDownload
 number formation activity.pdfDownload
 Ten Green Bottles.pdfDownload
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Other Areas of Learning:

 Areas of learning ideas.docxDownload
 More Nursery songs.docxDownload
 Nursery songs.docxDownload
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 Nursery Prayers.docxDownload
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