Our Lady & St. Werburgh's Catholic Primary School

Fiat Voluntas Dei - May God's will be done

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Our Lady & St. Werburgh's Catholic Primary School

Mission Statement


Our Mission Statement is grounded in the belief that our school must be a Christian community, where the Catholic faith is not only taught but lived, this being reflected not only in the way we, the teachers, treat the children, but also how the children behave towards one another.


The guiding principles by which our school is run are the Gospel values which underlie the relationships which exist within the school, where each person is valued and is seen as a reflection of Christ’s love for each and everyone of us.

We believe that our school should provide a grounding in the Catholic faith for our children and that we can only truly succeed if there is a partnership between the school, the home and the parish.  A feature of this partnership to be the quality and care extended to all its members.  We also seek to be of service to the local community and beyond.

We believe that the curriculum we offer our pupils is a service to every individual pupil, preparing them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.