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Autumn Term

During this term the children will learn new routines to help them settle into the Juniors!  This is a very exciting time, the children will move to the Junior Playground and the other end of the school.  


The children will also start swimming lessons this term.  These will take place at Jubilee 2, on Tuesday mornings, please see details below.  A paper copy of the letter will also be available at the Parents Year 3 Welcome meeting.  


Spring Term

Father Anton and our Religious Education lessons will help prepare the children for their First Confession and First Holy Communion   which will take place during the Spring and Summer terms.  A letter will be sent home shortly, with dates of the meetings.  


Summer Term

In the Summer Term, Year 3 have a very busy and exciting schedule.  Obviously the main event is the children taking their First Holy Communion which is a very special time for you and them but also for the Church and the school. (Please see the list of dates for meetings, the actual date, photos and Year 3's special  Parent's mass.)

Part of the curriculum in Year 3 is Road Safety.  We will do lots of work on road safety in the classroom but then we will have Staffordshire County Council Road Safety Team in to do practical work with us and all the children will participate in gaining their Road Safety Certificate on completion of safely crossing roads and proving their understanding of road safety.  Dates to be confirmed.  I will need parental help on these days to ensure the safety of the children, during the practical work, don't worry you will be given full training about what is expected of you.





Dear Parents


The following list includes the main topics we will expect to cover during the year.


Animals including humans (Science)                                    First Holy Communion and First Confession Preparation

Rocks and Soil (Science)                                                             Healthy me

Materials (Science)                                                                        Learning about a computer (ICT)

Light and Shadow (Science)                                                      Geography – Mountains and Rivers                                      

Plants (Science)                                                                                History – Stone age to Iron age

Magnets & Springs (Science)              

Pedestrian Road Safety (Geography)                                                                       



Reading and writing follows the National Literacy Framework Guidelines. The children will read from a wide variety of fiction, poetry and non-fiction texts. From these experiences they will develop their comprehension and writing skills in a wide variety of ways.


Due to the teaching of the Literacy Hour, the time allocated to hearing individual children read is very limited. However, children will take part in weekly group reading sessions that will include ‘guided reading’ and reading comprehension.  


Children will use our conventional reading scheme books but also work on shorter texts and focus on their comprehension in small groups and as a whole class. We have a class library with a range of books that they may borrow for class reading, I encourage the children to choose a book to enjoy during silent reading time.



The above reading practice is a very important and we ask that parents continue to read with their child at least five times per week for 15 minutes but please note that we assess children on their comprehension and understanding of what they have read, not on being able to read the words in front of them. Please try to ask your child questions about what they have read, quiz them, if they are reading a non-fiction book ask them to turn to a certain page and as them a question about a fact on that page.  It's not a memory test, they can look back and use their skimming and scanning skills to find the answer.  


Weekly homework will include spelling activities, times tables practice which they will be tested on each week.  

  • Times tables and dividing by will only go up to 12 times a number  and will be mixed up. Spellings will be sent home each Friday and tested the following Friday.
  • Times tables and dividing by will also be tested each  Friday and repeat or new times tables will be sent home the same day, ready for the following week.  Your child will move at their own pace (therefore differentiated) and in order to move onto the next set will need to get 12/12 correct. We start on 2's, 10's and 5's for both times tables then move onto 3's, 4's, 6's and 8's.  On completion of these they will be mixed up to consolidate their understanding and then we start to include 7's, 9's and so on.  


The children will be provided with a homework book which will have a comprehension / reading homework and a maths sheet each week which is differentiated.  These will look to consolidate learning from the classroom.  Time is allowed on Tuesdays for this to be marked and all children are asked to hand in on time.  


Our school Homework policy indicates that children in Year 3 should be doing one and a half hours of homework each week as well as their daily reading.  If you could help your child to practise their maths for a similar amount of time each day (15 minutes) they should benefit greatly.  On occasion I will send home research or a sheet related to a subject we are working on in class to be completed by the following Tuesday.


I do appreciate your support with your child's homework.



We follow the Abacas Evolve Scheme as a basis for our Maths work. The children should be confident in their number bonds to 20, numbers to 1000 and their 2, 5, and 10 tables. We encourage the pupils to talk about their methods and learn mental strategies as well as the formal methods of computation. We expect them to be able to investigate and use their maths in everyday situations.   



The children follow the ‘Learning and Growing as the People of God’ Religious Education Strategy. The Catholic children will be making their First Holy Communion in the summer term. Your involvement and support in the preparation for this very important sacrament is vital. We also encourage the non-Catholic children to become involved and they will follow the same programme of work. Our initial topic focuses on belonging and we will be learning about baptism.



Year 3's swimming session is on Tuesday morning and will begin towards the end of September until late November (inclusive). Please review the swimming letter for details on goggles and swimwear – to follow shortly.


P.E. and GAMES

Swimming takes up most of the allocated P.E. time this term but indoor PE takes place on the weeks where we do not swim as well as in the spring and summer terms. Games session for Year 3 is on Thursday afternoon and takes place outside on the yard or the field as appropriate. The games kit is displayed on the school website. The children may take their games kit home each Thursday for washing. PE kits should be kept in school and taken home at half term. It is useful if all children have a pair of trainers kept in school at all times, for breaks and lunch time play but also as they are needed for PE.

Year 3 try to complete the 'Daily Mile' each day, weather permitting, this is something that I am passionate about and feel it benefits the children in many ways.  The first and most obvious being their health but also it wakes up their brain after an hour's work and is often linked to playtime.  This gives them a release from the classroom to relax ready for further focussed learning until lunchtime.

The children will study dance and gymnastic activities and athletics in PE and a range of team games such as basketball, cricket and football in Games.



Art, Design and Technology, History and Geography will be taught through our topic work and some Numeracy, RE and literacy.


In Music, Mrs Cliffe will work with the children on: Rhythmic patterns, Instruments of the orchestra, Christmas songs, Pentatonic music, Sound colours, Tudor music and recorders. Children may want to purchase their own recorder for these lessons but there will be some school recorders available to share.


If you need to discuss any matters concerning your child, please contact Mrs Carter, to arrange an appointment.


I look forward to meeting you.


Yours sincerely



Samantha Durkin







Swimming lessons for Year 3 will take place on Tuesday morning commencing 20 September. The children will travel to the pool by coach leaving at 9am prompt each Tuesday. Lessons will run from 20 September until 29 November (inclusive).

Could you please ensure that all items of uniform and swimming kit are clearly labelled with your child’s name.

Please take note of the following guidelines provided by Staffordshire Schools’ Swimming Service.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Yours sincerely

Sam Durkin



SWIMMING HATS: Any child with long hair (hair which when wet will come in front of the eyes, nose or mouth) must wear a swimming hat.

SWIM WEAR: This should be a one piece costume for the girls and the traditional trunks for the boys. The Bermuda-type shorts and the long cycling shorts are not recommended for swimming lessons – even though many shops sell them. The really loose fitting trunks can be dangerous and impede the swimmer.

GOGGLES: Swimming goggles, if worn or used incorrectly, have been known to cause injury to the wearer and to other swimmers. Whilst the Swimming Instructor will take every possible care, no guarantee can be given that the goggles will not cause injury to the pupil. Where goggles are needed because of genuinely sensitive eyes, the following consent form must be completed and returned to school


Pupil’s Name:________________________________________________________________________

I understand the problems which may be caused by my child wearing swimming goggles during school swimming lessons. I have explained these to my son/daughter and I give permission for him/her to wear goggles.

Signed Parent / Carer (person with parental responsibility)___________________________________

Please PRINT Parent / Carer name: _______________________________ Date: _________________