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Sports & PE at Our Lady & St Werburgh's

At Our Lady & St Werburgh's we are fully committed to ensuring that our children are fit, healthy and active learners. We aspire to be a school that offers every child the opportunity to fulfil their absolute potential and we realise the vital role that sports and outdoor learning needs to play in realising those goals. We want our children to make healthy choices, to enjoy physical activity and to appreciate its benefits while embodying our core values of collaboration and fair play.


Sainsbury's School Games.

Sainsbury's School Games exist for all pupils and encourage less active, SEND pupils and those with a talent. We aim to foster links with sports clubs in the local area and will talent scout for them. If we do not provide a sport you want to try then let the school games committee know and we will discuss it.

Our thanks go to Carl Inskip our School Games organiser. Without his efforts there would not be the wonderful array of opportunities for our pupils.

With all Miss Forrester's hard work we have achieved the gold kit mark award for the school which we are very proud of. 


Sporting Events Updates:

Sports currently  on offer at Our Lady & St Werburgh's this half term :


After school clubs 

Monday: Netball club

Tuesday: Year 1&2 & Multi-skills

Wednesday: year 3&4 multi-sports club

Thursday: Gymnastics year 3&4 

Friday:   year 5&6 multi-skills 


Lunchtime clubs this term 

Monday:  year 1&2 football club to start Autumn term 2 

Tuesday:  year 3&4 football training


Thursday: year 5&6 tag rugby training 



PE Lessons  

Autumn term

During this term year 4 attend swimming once a week at jubilee 2.

Nursery/Reception - Fizzy tots with Mr Askey

Year 1 &2 Gymnastics with Vicky

Year 3&4  Dance with Nicky 

Year 5&6 Gymnastics with Vicky

Spring term

During this term year 5 attend swimming at Jubilee 2 once a week.

Nursery/Reception- Fizzy tots with Mr Askey

Year 1&2-   Dance with Nicky

Year 3&4 - Gymnastics with Vicky

Year 5&6 - Dance with Nicky 

Summer Term 1

Nursery/Reception - Fizzy tots with Mr Askey

Year 1& 2-  

Year 3 & 4 Tennis 

Year 5 & 6 Tennis 

Summer term 2

Nursery/ Reception - Fizzy tots with Mr Askey

Year 1-2 - Cricket with ASM

Year 3 & 4 - rounders/ cricket with ASM

Year 5 & 6 - rounders/ cricket  with ASM














Our Lady & St Werburgh's sports committee 2018/19