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Accelerated Reader


DAILY READING in Key Stage 2

Daily reading at home is still an expectation throughout the school to the end of Key Stage 2. 

Alongside reading in class we use Accelerated Reader which is a programme designed to motivate children and creates targets based on their reading ability and the amount of practice they do. 

Children will complete an assessment in school (Star Reading Test) at the beginning of each term which will assess their abilty in word reading and understanding of the texts. It also looks at how they are able to apply reading skills to new texts they have read. Accelerated Reader then produces a range of levelled books that are pitched at a level to target progress and develop children's reading. 

Children can still read any book they choose however they will also be given book suggestions based on their ability. Children should be encouraged to read a range of books from withing the range of points they have been given. This ensures they are suitably challenged but can also gain enjoyment from reading as the text will not be too hard/trining to read. 


Once a children has read a book (and we still recommend reading with your child as often as possible) they will be able to login at home and complete a quiz which is based on their undertanding of the text they have read. 

Scores and progress is collected by teachers and when a child has met their targets a new assessment will be made and their book level/point score or target will be adjusted. 

Across Years 3-6 daily reading is recorded in different ways by the teachers who will explain their individual expectations to their class. 


Children have their own login details and can login to their area for taking tests here: 




Home Connect

Parents can use their home connect password to track your child's reading progress. You can see their points, book level and targets here but this is not the area where children take their tests. 


It is important children are working towards achieveing the points needed to meet their targets as these are based upon the book difficulty level and their comprehension. Word count is interesting but doesn't alone count towards progress.