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Hi Year 6, I'm sure you are really missing school (said with no sarcasm at all!)

If you leave a message here we can all share it. Some of you did and I accidentally deleted the message when I moved the page (WHOOPS!) 



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Mrs L.(less than a month ago)

Hi Emily, Sounds like you are having fun. It is great it school most people are coming in now and I am planning to do some of thise leavers activities we thought we might have to miss out on. It would be great if everyone could join us and finish the year together if we can.

Emily Woollam(less than a month ago)

Hi Mrs Lockley and y6 me and my brother have decided that we want to try and make a game on roblox but for that we have to learn how to script programme and how to make a GFX so ive beeen busy trying to work on them i hope i can see you all again bye Xx

Emily Woollam(less than a month ago)

i dont know why but i keep failing the "im not a robot thing" its really annoying...

Emily Woollam(about a month ago)

Hi I wish i could go to school but my mum told me not to because she really dosen't want me to catch anything because shes really proective i hope everyone is okay Xx ❤️❤️❤️

Louise(about a month ago)

Hi Mrs Lockley I was just wondering if I had an active learn password because l have seen that you have put a active learn link on the school website Hope to see you soon love Louise Xxx

Mrs L.(about a month ago)

Hey Darcey, glad you are all keeping in touch. You know me - There is always work somewhere! but doing your own thing is good too and anything is better than nothing. Most people are doing the Oak Academy activities as they come with a video so you don't have to teach yourself! Keep going with it all and I hope to see you soon.

Darcey(about a month ago)

I never new we had work on here so I was confused but I am going to try and do it but its also hard to teach myself things but I suppose ill get there were all keeping in contact on the big y6 WhatsApp group so we are doing great chatting on there also me Caitlin and ava facetime each other all the time me and Caitlin facetime every day and chat about random things because we have became really best friends because last year we never took notice of each other but now we are texing an talking all the time aswell as obviously doing work I do English and maths everyday of the week missing you guys !

Mrs L.(about a month ago)

Its SATs Week. YAY!!!!!

Mrs L.(a couple of months ago)

That's great Em, if you can teach something to someone else it shows you understand it really well or you have mastered it! Once you have mastered algebra try teaching him that too - be careful his brain doesn't explode with all that knowledge though! :-)

Emily(a couple of months ago)

Hi Mrs lockley today I've been teaching miles (my younger brother) how to do long division and I'm doing a bit of algebra! Xx

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Message from Lousie to all year 6:

hi Mrs Lockley and hi to year 6, missing you all and hope you're all OK!