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Weekly Homework

The children have produced some fantastic homework in the first half term. However, there was so much variation over the effort thta it was hard to see the impact. 

This term I have simplifies things and we will be working on practising grammar, maths and reading skills. We will start with one short 10 minute test and add to this as the weeks go on. 

This should be completed neatly on the sheet and any working out need can be done on the next page where necessary. It is important that children show their working out at this stage so we can see where mistakes are made and address these. We will go over answers together in class. 

Sheets are attached below for anyone who is absent. 

Maths Homework

 KS2 Maths Set A_ Arithmetic Test.pdfDownload
 KS2 Maths Set A_ Test 1.pdfDownload
 KS2 Maths Set A_ Test 2.pdfDownload
 KS2 Maths Set A_ Test 3.pdfDownload
 KS2 Maths Set A_ Test 4.pdfDownload
 KS2 Maths Set A_ Test 5.pdfDownload
 KS2 Maths Set B_ Arithmetic Test.pdfDownload
 KS2 Maths Set B_ Test 1.pdfDownload
 KS2 Maths Set B_ Test 2.pdfDownload
 KS2 Maths Set B_ Test 3.pdfDownload
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Grammar Homework

 KS2 English Set A_ Test 1.pdfDownload
 KS2 English Set A_ Test 2.pdfDownload
 KS2 English Set A_ Test 3.pdfDownload
 KS2 English Set A_ Test 4.pdfDownload
 KS2 English Set B_ Test 1.pdfDownload
 KS2 English Set B_ Test 2.pdfDownload
 KS2 English Set B_ Test 3.pdfDownload
 KS2 English Set B_ Test 4.pdfDownload
 KS2 English Set C_ Test 1.pdfDownload
 KS2 English Set C_ Test 2.pdfDownload
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Spellings up until Christmas


Spellings will be taught and practised in school as well as sent home. 

The lists below haven't converted too well an I will replace asap. Hopefully you can see the spelling patterns and rules we are working on. Always practise extra words that follow the pattern too!


Extra Homework (for those who need a challenge)

Maths - have a go and then mark your own (any problems ask for help!)


Key Stage 2 Time revision questions

Key stage 2 rounding revision questions


Time answers

Rounding answers