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Weekly Homework

Homework is a little different in Year 6. Click on the link below to read the letter about how it works. All sheets to accompany homework are in the children's books already. They do not have to use them all and I have suggested they only use the English sheet as a guide - I think they could do a much better version!  


Letter to parents about homework 

Worksheets to accompany Homework

 Flags of South and Central America Home Learning Task.pdfDownload
 Home Learning Task Creatures of North America.pdfDownload
 Light It Up Home Learing Task.pdfDownload
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Spellings up until 1/2 term


Spellings will be taught and practised in school as well as sent home. 

The lists below haven't converted too well an I will replace asap. Hopefully you can see the spelling patterns and rules we are working on. Always practise extra words that follow the pattern too!


Extra Homework (for those who need a challenge)

Maths - money sheets - download and print below SATs style questions. (Prove it = Answers included!)

 013 - Money Problems 2018.pdfDownload
 013 - Money Problems 2018PROVE IT.pdfDownload
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