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Year 5 School Closure Work

rstockton.olsw@ctkcc.co.uk Teacher can be contacted during school hours and will respond within 24hours. We will notify you of who to contact in the event of the class teacher being ill. 

Teachers are available to set work and discuss any questions you have regarding work set.



Read a great book for at least 20 minutes each  day. Children can log in to Accelerated Reader at home using the following link (and your normal school username and password for accelerated reader) to record your reading and take a short quiz about the book. 

ukhosted95.renlearn.co.uk/6699192 (this link will take you to the children's home page) 


Parents: You can use your home connect password to track your child's reading progress (the children cannot complete tests using the parents account, for this they need to use their own account details which are the ones they use in school). 





Follow this link to see a range of 5 lessons on decimals. Aim for lesson 1 on Monday, lesson 2 on Tuesday etc. Watch the videos first and then have a go at the accompanying worksheets. 




Username: m4s-home-pe

Password: ministry4




Home learning- Useful websites. 


If you wish to extend your child’s learning, we have a list of some websites we would recommend that offer free home-learning packs for parents. This list will be updated as more are published.

In Twinkl’s case, they are offering a month of free “ultimate” membership to parents educating from home, which would allow you to download thousands of resources, ranging from handwriting, spelling, reading, maths, topic and much more  - enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS






 http://www.amazingeducationalresources.com  is a website that lists a huge range of resources and websites for you to visit and use alongside your home-learning. 


These websites require you to register (for free) and provide free ebooks via their website or app.