Our Lady & St. Werburgh's Catholic Primary School

Fiat Voluntas Dei - May God's will be done

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Our Lady & St. Werburgh's Catholic Primary School

* Where is the Love? *

If there's anything that you want; if there's anything I can do; just call on me and I'll send it along with love from: Chloe . . . Ava . . . Princess . . . Sam . . . Alex . . . Lottie & Lexie . . . Seth . . . Mycah . . . Isabella . . . Alexa . . . Oliver . . . Edie . . . Caleb . . . Georgia . . . Vinnie . . . Harry . . . Lucas . . . Omari & Roisin . . . Sophia . . . Elliott . . . Julia . . . Ben . . . Luke . . . Laurence . . . Georgina . . . Noel . . . James . . . to you xXx

Georgina: Elliott, I love many things about you: your kindness, your sense of humour and your lovely



Elliott: Georgina, I love that you’re very good at swimming.


Lottie: Noel, I love how skilled you are at football.


Noel: Lottie, I love it when you’re funny and I love your neat handwriting.


Georgia: Lucas, I love how you’re always scoring goals in football.


Lucas: Georgia, I love how talented you are at gymnastics, especially your cartwheeling around the hall.


Roisin: Alex, I love your cheeky smile and how well you’ve fitted into our class.


Alex: Roisin, I love it when you smile at me and others.  I also love your brilliant handwriting.


Vinnie: Luke, I love how well you’re doing in your reading.


Luke: Vinnie, I love how enthusiastic you are for football and reading.


Oliver: Chloe, I love it when you dance, smile and especially when you’re funny.


Chloe: Oliver, I too love your smile and your cheeky personality.


James: Alexa, I love your smile and your happiness.


Alexa: James, I love it when you smile because it fills my heart with happiness, and I love how great you are

at reading.


Laurence: Mycah, I love when you say funny things and do witty stuff.  I also love your confidence in

gymnastics and how smart you are in class.


Mycah: Laurie, I really love your football and tennis skills, funny jokes and your playground games.


Lexie: Ben, I love it when you smile because your smile makes me smile.


Ben: Lexie, I love your personality and your perseverance in work and sport.  I also love your kindness.


Sophia: Seth, I love that you’re amazing at drawing and bursting with creative ideas.


Seth: Sophia, I really love your smiles and kind words each and every day.


Edie: Boudicca, Warrior Queen, I love your smile because it makes me happy.  I also love how determined

you are to do your best and how great you are at gymnastics.


Ava: Edie, I really love your maths and English skills.


Sam: Julia, I love it when you help people because you are kind and clever.


Julia: Sam, even though you are small, I love how big your personality in that smallness is.


Harry: Isabella, I love your smile and how you make me laugh.  I also love how great you are at gymnastics

and how kind you are to me.


Isabella: Harry, I love that you are an amazing football player and you are so nice to everyone in class.

  Thank you for being such a kind friend.


Caleb: Princess, I love your sheer effort and determination to learn new words in your reading and new

methods in maths. You continue this in all your work to improve.


Princess: Caleb, I love how clever you are and your sense of humour.


Omari: We love how hard working you are and we love your kind and helpful manner.