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* Showcase of Splendiferousness *

Miss Atkins and I would love to see what you're learning, reading, writing, drawing, painting, crafting, creating, baking, making etc. and simply having fun with, so please send photographs and screenshots for displaying in our Showcase of Splendiferousness.

Simply because I love giving out Golden Tickets (and am missing doing so), they will be awarded for each piece of work, photograph etc. ~ extra Golden Tickets will be awarded if more than one subject is covered ~ Golden Tickets will be drawn when we return to school.


After completing the Mini Water World homework in Science, Lucas has been nurturing his cress to grow and develop further.  Well done Lucas, I'm proud of your hard working attitude and wonderful effort.

* 1 Golden Ticket * ~ Science: States of Matter


Wonderful work Georgina in having learnt a poem by heart, especially as the tongue twisting repetition (see speech bubble) makes it a tricky one to memorise.  I love the black and white sketch of a magpie to accompany your recital. 

* 3 Golden Tickets * English (Poetry), Art & Design, ICT





A wonderful selection of photographs from Oliver having fun indoors, and outdoors in the spring sunshine.

A * Golden Ticket * for each and every photograph, plus one more for the winning smiles :)



After learning about Thailand and its cuisine, these two really great photographs of Lucas show him helping his dad prepare and cook a savoury dish from Thailand, including: chicken, limes, noodles and a selection of herbs.  

* 4 Golden Tickets * ~ D&T, Food Hygiene, Geography & Fun :)


Laurence has been enjoying a daily bike ride negotiating the twists, turns, rises and falls of the bike track.

* 4 Golden Tickets * ~ Physical Activity, Skill, ICT & Enjoyment :)

Following the CGP books for Science, Laurence has been investigating Sound with a few mishaps along the way ~ the tuning fork substitute was a great idea ~ necessity really is the mother of invention.  I love how children are always surprised by the results of this investigation :)

* 4 Golden Tickets * ~ Science, Commentary, ICT & Ingenuity

Laurence has discovered his inner artist by etching the Taj Mahal, an etch which looks to have required considerable focus, control and perseverance.

* 2 Golden Tickets * ~ Art & Design, Perseverance


Jarvis, Laurence's very handsome and cute dog, was excited to be helping with an Easter egg hunt.

* 2 Golden Tickets * ~ Canine Cuteness & Canine Smartness :)


Oliver's made a fabulous paper puppet, which he's named: Fiery ~ I love his bright colours and friendly expression, as though fire wouldn't melt.  Can you guess the genre of Oliver's story from the following extract: '. . . all that he heard was a deafening scream and a big thud . . .'?

* 4 Golden Tickets * ~ D&T, English, ICT & Another Winning Smile :)

Read Oliver's story in full below:


Georgina has been exploring Diwali, the Hindu 'festival of lights'; additionally, she's been solving a variety of problems and subtracting in Mathematics ~ all beautifully presented, which is wonderful to see :)

* 4 Golden Tickets * ~ Mathematics (Problem Solving & Subtraction), R.E., Presentation :)


See below for a fabulous Roman aqueduct moulded and shaped by Georgina from clay.  I love the attention to detail with the rounded arches and lines of the bricks.

* 3 Golden Tickets * ~ D&T, History, Attention to Detail :)


Ben has been incredibly active over a wide range of activities, across a wide range of subjects ~ the Victoria sponge cake looks incredibly yummy bursting with cream and fresh strawberries, and Daisy the kitten looks like a delightful little fluff ball, who no doubt will be spoilt with oodles of attention and cuddles, as well as having lots of fun exploring, climbing and curling up on the scratch tower and in the little two-storey kitten house.

Ben looks like he had an amazing birthday ~ the Lego Chevrolet Corvette is 'awesome', both as a present and in its construction ~ we all know how much Ben loves cars :)

* 14 Golden Tickets * ~ Good Manners within his letter, English (lots of writing ~ beautifully presented), Presentation, Mathematics, D&T (Cooking & Nutrition, Modelling, Construction), PE, ICT, Outdoor Adventures & Activities, Fun & Enjoyment, Activity Variety, Letter Presentation and Skill :)


Impressively, Laurence has been investigating further in Science by creating his own geyser.

* 3 Golden Tickets * ~ Science, ICT, Curiosity :)

Laurence has been enjoying lots of bike rides, riding up and down hills, perfecting his skills and developing stamina by cycling to Keele and back.  

I love that Jarvis is having as much fun and exercise as Laurence :)

* 6 Golden Tickets * ~ Physical Activity, Skill Perfecting, Stamina & Endurance, Perseverance, ICT, Fun :)

What better reward for all the cycling than a picnic in the sun :)

* 2 Golden Tickets * ~ ICT, Enjoyment :)

Having enjoyed watching Horrible Histories, Laurence created his own super quiz following research ~ how many can you answer correctly?

* 4 Golden Tickets * ~ Interest & Curiosity, Research, ICT, Family Entertainment :)

Answers to the above quiz: 1A ~ 2C ~ 3A ~ 4A ~ 5B ~ 6A ~ 7: False


Roisin and Omari have been having lots of fun baking ~ I'm liking the steady focus on the electric whisk :)



A * Golden Ticket * each for every photograph, plus two more for the beautiful smiles :)

* 3 extra Golden Tickets * for Roisin and Omari's thoughtful and considerate letters ~ I'm loving some of your descriptive phrases and vocabulary girls :)


View Edie's slideshow to see all the wonderful activities she's been keeping busy with, and exploring new ways of learning with, from baking to growing to painting to decorating to learning about her family tree to reading, exploring and walking and so much more besides.

Afternoon tea on the lawn looks truly scrumdiddlyumptious and quintessentially English, especially when served in Emma Bridgewater, as does the walk in the woods alongside all the beautiful spring bluebells.

A * Golden Ticket * for each and every photograph, plus two more for the shining sun and sunshine  smiles :)


A wonderful sequence of work from Alex in English, History and, especially, Mathematics, including: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions and angles, plus more besides.  The presentation is beautifully neat ~ well done Alex :)

A * Golden Ticket * for each photograph included, plus one more for the beautiful presentation :)


Beautiful smiles from Omari and Roisin as they complete their rainwater investigation, and demonstrate how lungs inflate and deflate through inhalation and exhalation of the air we breathe.  I'm really impressed by how beautifully the girls have presented their work :)

A * Golden Ticket * each for each and every photograph and two more for the video, plus two extra           * Golden Tickets * each for the wonderful presentation of each project :)


The above slideshow showcases a wonderful selection of work and activities completed by Sam from English to Mathematics to Science ~ I'm really impressed by the variety of 'flora' collected and displayed, especially as oak, maple and weeping willow are three of my favourites :)

One * Golden Ticket * for each and every photograph, plus one extra for the wonderful smiles and another for the love of man's best friend with his shaggy coat and cool, collected poise for the camera :)


Our gorgeous Princess has been working hard in Mathematics (addition and subtraction), and in English with her writing, spellings, handwriting and reading.  I'm as proud of Princess as her mummy is ~ keep up the fantabulous work :)

A * Golden Ticket * for each and every photograph, plus two more for your hard working attitude and    effort :) 

Riding a bike for the very first time, Princess is trying out many new things and enjoying learning and acquiring new skills ~ I love her cheeky smile of satisfaction :)

* 5 Golden Tickets * 


A fabulous selection of work from Alex from clapping for carers to bike riding to trampolining to baking to completing a super range of work in English and Mathematics :)

One * Golden Ticket * for each and every photograph, plus one extra for the beautiful presentation, and one more for Alex's hard-working effort and attitude :)


Roisin and Omari have worked together and independently on a wonderful selection of Art & Design and D&T work from our Local History Topic: What makes the Potteries unique?

* 15 Golden Tickets *



Laurence enjoys riding his bike as he exercises Jarvis, taking time out at the half-way point to enjoy fun on a rope swing.  Most impressively, Laurence researched, composed and conducted his own history quiz at one of the street parties held where he lives.  How many questions can you answer?


* 10 Golden Tickets *

In the above video, Laurence counts sequences of ten skipping steps in English, Spanish, French, German and Chinese ~ I'm greatly impressed and proud of Laurence's confidence, efforts and achievements.

* 8 Golden Tickets *



Sam has been completing work in Reading Comprehension and practising his times-tables ~ keep up the great work :)

* 2 Golden Tickets *


Vinnie's been having lots of fun baking cakes which look truly scrumdiddlyumptious :)

* 12 Golden Tickets * 

In the videos below, Vinnie rises to the football challenges set by Laurence's dad.

* 10 Golden Tickets *



View the slideshow above to discover all the wonderful activities that Edie has been busy completing from Mathematics (Addition, Subtraction, Ordering Numbers, Division, Time and Data Handling) to P.E. (Planning a Gymnastics Routine for Performing) to D&T (Baking, Planning, Designing and Constructing) to Art & Design (Portrait Painting) to Science (Experimenting with Slime and Growing Vegetables) and even essential Life Skills ~ Edie certainly has a very brave dad :)

* 20 Golden Tickets * ~ Fantabulous and now Edie wears the crown for the most Golden Tickets earned in one given moment ~ truly well deserved :)


Watch Vinnie below 'road testing' his new football challenges received as a reward for all his effort and hard work ~ well deserved Vinnie.  I love the smile at the end :)

* 2 Golden Tickets *

Vinnie would like to share his answers from our Local History Topic: Football Mania.

* 2 Golden Tickets *

Supported by his sister, Maggie, Vinnie has prepared and cooked chicken kebabs ~ they look truly scrumdiddlyumptious.  The above video showcases one of many recipes for cooking on a budget ~ find out more on the Family Hub Cooking Channel:


* 10 Golden Tickets *