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Bonjour! ~ Salut! ~ Quoi de neuf? ~ Au revoir! ~ Salut!  

* Modern Foreign Languages ~ French *


Lesson 1

Listen to the rhythmic story below and join in the best that you can with the colour descriptions and animal names ~ you may need to practise more than once.  

Follow the Presentation through (see below), then complete the activities at the end.


Click on the above link to access Linguascope, and sign in using the login details provided in class by Madame Redmond.  Complete the animaux introduction, games and worksheet.


Lesson 2

Watch the two YouTube videos (below) to learn how the French celebrate Easter; the first clip focuses on the Legend of the Easter Bells.  You may need to watch the videos more than once ~ try to join in with the French key vocabulary as much as possible.

Complete the reading and writing activities included in the Presentation below ~ aim to spell accurately.

Should you wish to, complete the card making ideas.


Using Linguascope, explore the links to Easter.

* Joyeuses Pâques *


Lesson 3

Using the YouTube video (below), learn Old MacDonald in French.

Below, follow the Presentation through to revise plurals (more than one), and to learn how to say: 'there

is' and 'there are'.

If you're looking for inspiration, watch the YouTube video below to help with your poster:


Lesson 4

As this page was unable to accept the Presentation and three YouTube videos needed, please click here for the next lesson.


Lesson 5

Click here for the fifth and final lesson.