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Accelerated Reader: Weekly Feedback

This page was last updated on Friday 27th March 2020 

Whole Class Data: Reading Practice Quizzes

Quizzes Taken (to date): 1,311

Quizzes Passed (to date): 1,204

Word Count (to date): 17,836,902

Average Percentage

80%+ (Seth, Caleb, Oliver, Isabella, Omari, Lexi and Vinnie)

85%+ (Roisin, Lottie, Alex, Harry, Sophia, Lucas, Ben and Julia)

90%+ (Alexa, Ava, Elliott, Georgia, Edie, Sam, Noel, Luke, Georgina, Laurence and James)

This week, the highest recorded Average Percentage is 97.8%

Book Points

50+ (Harry, Vinnie, Sam and Elliott)

100+ (Julia, Sophia and Noel)

200+ (Luke, James, Omari and Georgina)

300+ (Roisin and Laurence)

This week, the highest recorded Book Points total = 305.1

Word Count

100,000+ (Oliver, Edie, Caleb, Seth, Georgia, Lucas, Isabella and Lottie)

250,000+ (Ben, Vinnie, Harry and Sam)

500,000+ (Elliott)

750,000+ (Julia and Noel)

* Word Millionaires

(with an Average Percentage of 85%+)

* Roisin *

* Sophia *

* Luke *

* James *

* Georgina *

* Laurence *

This week, the highest Word Count = 1,912,145