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Year 6 Homework



Read a great book for at least 20 minutes each  night. Record your reading in your homework diary and ask a parent to sign it at the end of each week to receive team points.  




Each week you will have spellings to learn and we will do a spelling test incorporating words from the list and sometimes some similar words to see whether you can apply the pattern or rule.  Make sure you find out what the word means as you need to be able to use these words in your writing too.

Spellings will be tested on a Thursday, when you will also receive your new words.


Year 6 Homework 12/10/2017: 


Year 6 Spelling Aut006a -ancy and -ency

infancy, hesitancy, agency, emergency, currency, efficiency, frequency, tendency, decency, potency

Year 6 Spelling Aut006b ough words

rough, tough, enough, cough, though, dough, through, thorough, borough, plough


 Due in on Wednesday 18th Oct.

This weeks homework is a short maths test - try timing it and then mark at home with a parent if you can.


Check out the maths pages for help. 



Supporting websites to help with grammar:



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