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Year of Faith Week

Pope Benedict XVI has announced the year 2012-2013 a "Year of Faith" for Catholics throughout the world. As part of this we have taken part in a Year of Faith week in school. This has involved lots of different activities ranging from, writing our own prayers, different types of art work, creating poems, ICT activities and learning new songs. Dan and David led us in a whole school retreat day which was a valuable and special experience for us all. We took part in workshops and various activities throughout the day, ending in a whole school service.

We have all decorated a pebble to commemorate the week, and these will be placed in our prayer garden.

The week ended with the whole school gathering to share what we had done. It has been a rewarding and very special week for us all.

Here are some photographs of our Year of Faith Week.

To mark the end of The Year of Faith, Dan and Dave returned to our school to share in a retreat day. The whole school were involved, and we learnt new songs and Prayers. We took part in some workshops too. The day ended with a service in Church.